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Natural Gas

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The Company owns and/or controls approximately 40,000 acres of petroleum, natural gas and mineral leases in Charlotteville and Walsingham townships in Norfolk County, Ontario.

Natural gas is currently being produced from 83 wells in two townships in Norfolk County, Ontario and is distributed to 150 commercial and residential customers along gathering pipelines via a unique cooperative agreement with Enbridge Gas Inc.

The company has consistently located its wells on ultra-wide spacing patterns to minimize the year to year decline in deliverability and maximize the longevity of production. The Company delivers its gas to three main metering stations within Union Gas Limited’s transmission system from the natural field pressure of its wells, without the aid of compression equipment. One major reason for the company's success in natural gas well completion and production is its custom casing and well stimulation procedures (hydro-fracturing). In the early 1960s, the company experimented with and developed superior formulae and techniques still being used today. The Company also maintains a substantial portfolio of undrilled development and exploratory lease holdings in appropriate proximity to existing production.

The company continues to maintain an extensive land portfolio of undrilled leases containing substantial “Proven Undeveloped” and “Probable” Natural Gas Reserves (“Silurian” formation), as currently updated in 2023 by Jim McIntosh Petroleum Engineering Ltd. The company’s Statement of Reserves Data and Other Oil and Gas Information (the "statement") in the form of National Instrument 51-101 - Standard of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities is effective as of March 31, 2023, and was prepared on April 18, 2023. The Statement is also available under the Company’s profile at

1   Charlotteville Twp BASEMAP FOR GAS W

9 5/8 inch intermediate casing

7 inch production casing

7 x 2 inch wellhead swadge

Stuffing Box

3/4 inch brine

water syphon

2 inch wellhead piping

Pressure Gauge

digital readout compensating meter

meter bypass

pipeline control valve

3 1/2 inch pipeline

High pressure automatic brine


Brine storage tank

and burm

PICTURED ABOVE is nomenclature of a modern compliance wellsite in Ontario (#91).

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