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Commitment to SAFETY

Metalore is entirely committed to maintaining safe and reliable operations. We have fostered a strong work record of safe operations and are focused on constantly improving our operating efficiencies without compromising safety. Our primary focus at all times is safety to our employees, infrastructure and environment. 


Metalore Resources Limited produces natural gas from 80 wells in Walsingham Township and Charlotteville Township, Southwestern Ontario. All pipelines are operated at well below their maximum operating pressures with our top priority being the safety of our employees, environment and property. Our pipeline assets are routinely monitored during day-to-day activities in order to ensure the operation continues in a safe and efficient manner. Metalore remains dedicated to continuously re-evaluating operating efficiencies without compromising safety. 

Metalore Signage.jpg

Monitoring, Prevention, and Mitigation

In its day-to-day operation, Metalore actively monitors its pipelines to prevent pipeline damage which could adversely affect its employees, the community and the environment as follows: 

  • Daily well checks 

  • Daily pressure checks on wells and field lines

  • Well signage including emergency contact info

  • Pipeline signage at regular intervals including emergency contact

  • Pipeline riser protection (posts and visible markings) 

  • Leak detection survey checks on an annual or sub-annual interval 

  • Pressure testing of pipelines annually, as needed, and during commissioning 

Indigenous Engagement 

The Brookbank property is located within the traditional territories of several Indigenous communities in the Thunder Bay mining district of Northwestern Ontario.
We are committed to meaningful consultation with these communities and will continue to provide opportunities for contract employment (geologist assistant,
core handling, driller’s helper) and education (prospecting courses, wellness and life skills training) during seasons when we are actively exploring for minerals in the area.

We are committed to encouraging local Indigenous people to increase their participation in our projects to the benefit of both parties.

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